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Loony Lovegood

The Giant Squid is my Best Friend

Luna Lovegood
17 February 1981
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Name: Luna Odell Lovegood
Nicknames: Looney Lovegood, Odd, Weirdo
Bloodline: ¾ wizard, or more technically- Halfblood.
Father is pureblood, mother is halfblood.
Years at Hogwarts: 1992-1999
House: Ravenclaw
Date/place of birth:February 17th, 1981/Rook's End, Ottery St. Catchpole, Devon
Ravenclaw Pisceans spend so much time dreaming or reading books of legends that it's a wonder they ever come down to earth. Care must be taken that they do not neglect their material needs, including those that involve sleep, food, and drink. These wizards are natural seers, and often specialize in things like horary astrology, cartomancy, dream interpretation, oracles, and the summoning of visions. Because they possess both intellectual acumen and emotional awareness, they are capable of great insight. They are quiet students, not always the best in their classes, but tend to be brilliant at subjects which they are personally interested in. Shy and nervous, they are easily bullied or intimidated, and need some looking after by more assertive students.
Physical features (height, colouring, fashion sense, etc):
One would never miss Luna in a crowded room. Apart from the fact that she’s liable to bump into you with her head always up in the clouds, her manner of dress is sure to attract stares. In Luna’s world clothes are not paired by what matches, nor what may even be practical. Often it looks as though she has simply wandered into her closet with a blindfold. To Luna of course, her outfits make perfect sense. Why shouldn’t one wear a bright orange sweater and blue plaid pants?

She has long stringy blonde hair, and wide grey blue eyes. She tends to have a permanent surprised expression on her face. She walks as though she has little intention of getting anyplace in particular, and quite often winds up someplace quite different then she’d originally intended, getting lured off course by some promising adventure. It’s not uncommon to see her without shoes, or with mis-mathcing socks.

She wears all sorts of creative jewelry, her favourites being her dirigible plum earrings and butterbeer cork necklace.
Occupation: Naturalist, and writer for the Quibbler, as well as co-chairing Quango
Hobbies/what they do in their spare time: Searches out new creatures, makes time to see her friends (friends, wow…)
Wand: Rowan and Thestral tail-hair 9’3/4”

ROWAN TREE (Sensitivity) - full of charm, cheerful, gifted without egoism, likes to draw attention, loves life, motion, unrest, and even complications, is both dependent and independent, good taste, artistic, passionate, emotional, good company, does not forgive.

Thestral tail hair- a core Ollivander used very rarely in some experimental wands. It’s not right for everybody, and in the wrong hands can be quite hard to control. This core has a mind of its own, and is good for those who are misunderstood.

Boggart: A faceless version of herself, dressed in grey
Patronus(if applicable): A hare
Likes: aquavirius maggots, blibbering humdinger, books, butterbeer corks, conspiracies, crumple horned snorkack, dirigible plums, ginny weasley, harry potter, heliopath, hermione granger, moon frogs, nargles, neville longbottom, ron weasley, rowena ravenclaw, wrackspurts.
Dislikes: Cruel people, disbelievers, people who tell others what to think
Personality in three words: Spacey, Curious, Odd
Where they are/where they want to be: Luna is always where she wants to be, she’s not really a person who thinks about the future

Father: Xenophilous Lovegood
Mother: Odell Lovegood nee Rookdale
Siblings: n/a
Friends: Neville, Harrry, Ginny, Ron, Dean
Spouse/Lover: n/a at the moment
Children - have any? want any?: n/a at the moment

Backstory/History -:

Xenophilous Lovegood (a quirky naturalist) met Odell Rookdale (an inventor) met on an expedition in Sweden. They became fast friends, and kept in touch back in England. They began dating after several years, and were married after several months in a ceremony on the Isle of Man.

At 30 Odell found herself pregnant, and Xenophilous, then 50 began working as editor for the Quibbler, setting aside (most) of his traveling in favor of staying close to home.
Their home, (shaped like a rook just outside Ottery St. Catchpole) was soon full of all their treasures (leaving plenty for little Luna to get her hands into).

Luna grew up surrounded by mysteries and wonder. The house always had at one or two animals, strays, or injured creature being nursed back to health. Her father told her the best stories imaginable, filling her head with all sorts of possibilities. Her mother would let her help with her experiments, sharing her love of knowledge, and curious nature.

The house was littered with books (rarely in their shelves), trinkets (rarely in their place), and printers ink (rarely out of reach). The living room sports a lovely finger painting done by Luna at age three…on the wall. Luna was rarely denied an experience, though lived a rather sheltered life, traveling with her parents and experiencing the wonders of the world.

Odell’s death was sudden, and the first real sadness in Luna’s life. Her mother was working on a new spell, which went horribly wrong. Luna witnessed her death, but to this day has refused to say what happened. Xenophilous didn’t write a word for nearly a year, but was careful to make sure Luna came out as well adjusted as could be expected. The two traveled together for a good six months, coming to terms with the loss of Odell and growing closer.

Xenophilous became much more protective of Luna after the death of his wife, and they spent much more time just the two of them, Luna helping her father with the Quibbler, and Xenophilous sharing his theories, to which Luna hung on every word.

When Luna finally started school she was all ready her own person, with a strong sense of self. Her thirst for knowledge earned her a place in Ravenclaw, where she was not immediately accepted by her peers. Her fellow Ravenclaws found her strange; far too dotty for the likes of Rowena Ravenclaw’s house, an opinion which was quickly picked up by the rest of the school. She earned the nickname ‘Looney Lovegood’ within the first week, an by the second month it was quite in vogue to steal her belongings and avoid her at all costs. Through it all Luna never seemed bothered. She loved Hogwarts, and was friendly (though blunt) towards everyone she spoke with.

She took to exploring, discovering hidden areas of the castle and grounds; the thestrals in the woods. She chatted with the ghosts, peeves and the suits of armor, even when they didn’t talk back, or threw things (in the case of Peeves).

She followed quidditch with interest, and for her first three years floated through school without much changing. It was her fourth year where things began to shift. She properly met some of the people who would grow to be her closest friends. She was brought into the DA where for perhaps the first time she was (gradually) accepted for who she was by someone outside of her family. Without her suggestion of using the thestrals they may not have made it to the Ministry. Her bonds with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Neville were strengthen beyond words that day.

She (along with Neville) never stopped looking to her DA coin in the following year. She fought along with the others at the battle of the astronomy tower, and was horribly saddened by Dumbledore’s death. She returned home knowing war was on the horizon, and still a smile on her face.
How the war affected them:
The war did not disrupt Luna’s unfailing optimism one bit. It has made her strive all the harder to make the world a better place, though it has shown her what she must fight against. She is much closer to her friends now, knowing she could easily loose them, and is less shy about calling people on being rude to her.